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Welcome to Hanarry West Club Tennis!
Hanarry West has an active tennis community and currently hosts Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles B level ALTA teams. Current players are well seasoned competitors who enjoy fun, exercise and camaraderie. Depending on the ALTA season, matches are required to be played on specified days and times. Teams have scheduled practices and coaching in the evenings. If you are an experienced player, please come join a team. If you have no tennis experience, we welcome you to form a beginner level team with your friends or create a children’s junior team.

Please contact Doug Dyer at 678-571-7980 if you are interested in learning more about our teams and Hanarry West tennis. 

Current Hanarry West Teams:
League             Age     Season       Scheduled Day/Time    Current Level
Men's League     18+     Spring/Fall         Sat. 9am                               B-6
Sr Men               45+     Summer            Fri. 6:30pm                            B-5
Sunday Women   18+    Spring/Fall         Sun. 1pm                               B-7
Sr Women          45+    Summer             Thurs. 6:30pm                        B-7
Sr Day Women    55+    Spring/Fall         Tues. 10am                             B-3
Mixed Doubles    18+    Winter/Summer   Sun. 1pm & Sat. 9am             B-6
Sr Mixed            45+     Winter                Sat. 10am                                B-5
Reserving Tennis Courts:
If you are interested in reserving a tennis court, see the following instructions.
1. Go to RMC2020 – You Play, We'll Do The Rest (reservemycourt.com) and click on “Click to Get Started” to set up a new player account. Enter required information.
2. Select HANARRY WEST as your Club.
3. Your request will be sent to the Hanarry West administrator to be approved. Once approved, you will receive an email.
4. Login at RMC 2020 (reservemycourt.com) to reserve courts.
Tennis Pavilion:
The Tennis Pavilion may be booked by emailing hanarrywest@gmail.com. Once a reservation fee is received, your reservation is secured. The fee is $25 for members and $100 for non-members.
To be courteous to our members and guests when participating on a team or using our courts, we have certain rules
that members must follow.  Please take a moment to review these rules: Tennis Court Rules
The tennis courts require a gate code for entry. Please contact Doug Dyer at 678-571-7980 for this code.