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Welcome to Hanarry West Club Tennis!
We are looking for experienced tennis players who would like to play on a mid C level ALTA team on Thursdays. We are serious players and great cooks who are known for the delicious food at our home matches. All matches are on Thursdays starting at 9:30 AM and usually conclude by the end of the school day. The team does coaching and practice on Tuesdays. Please contact Doug Dyer at 678-571-7980 if you are interested in learning more about our team. 

We have ALTA teams playing at various levels for women, men, and mixed teams all year-round. 
If you are interested in playing tennis and not on a team or interested in reserving the pavilion, members can reserve court or pavilion times online. See the following for instructions.
1. Go to www.reservemycourt.com and click on Player Sign-Up to set up a new player account.
2. Select HANARRY WEST as your Home Facility.
3. Enter our Facility Code: HWtennis
4. Fill in the remainder of your information and click SUBMIT.
5. Login at www.reservemycourt.com or call 1-877-ON-COURT (662-6878) anytime day or night to reserve courts.
The Club pavilion may be booked by emailing hoa@hanarrywest.com. Priority is given to members, but non-members can rent for a nominal fee.
Please be aware that all players may have reasonable limits on the length of reservations or on how far in advance they can reserve courts. You may make reservations for up to a 2-hour time frame, and 14 days in advance.

To be courteous to our members and guests when participating on a team or using our courts, we have certain rules that members must follow.  Please take a moment to review these rules:
The tennis courts require a gate code for entry.
Please contact Doug Dyer at 678-571-7980 for this code.